Ministry of Word

You are here by design, not chance ! Ministry of Word has been birthed to satisfy the hunger and thirst of those who are searching; searching for 'home', 'household', 'fellowship', 'encouragement and building up' ' challenge' and most of all....the truth and accuracy of the Word of God like it has not been known since the First Century Church !!

Jesus Christ is the 'red thread' that ties the whole Word of God together. God is the author, Jesus is the subject and his crucifixion and subsequent resurrection is the life blood of the church

Because of his commitment and believers like the Apostle Paul that ran with the truth, we also 'run' ! Fellowship, abundant sharing, manifestations of holy spirit, study and witnessing of the grace bestowed upon us


In other words, it's a challenge to change, drop the 'baptised politics', the lack of power, conquer the fear and begin to live a life that is MORE THAN ABUNDANT...mentally, physically, financially and spiritually !!