Ministry of Word

An Idea is Born

Actually, it's an old idea but virtually new to our generation. A 'new' way of 'doing church'...a bunch of people continuing steadfastly in the apostle's doctrine (the Word they've made their own), fellowshipping daily, breaking of bread (and coffee !), prayer and sharing of abundance

Dare to believe

very few understand and even less believe that the key to abundance and living in God's perfect will is to be part of a 'household of faith'. Faith family is where needs are met, spiritual senses are exercized, growth is exponential and the real joy of the Lord is experienced and shared.

Psalm 133:2

When this household of believers 'do life together' God states "it is like the precious (costly) oil that Aaron, the man of God for that day and time, had anointed over his head and the abundance of it ran down his beard and robes"...prosperity, abundance, brother/sisterhood, sharpening, strength, ZION !

The truth shall set us free

many years ago, in response to God's calling, Selina and I sold our house in Auckland and travelled to the USA to begin a two year in-depth study of God's Word and how to apply the knowledge received in a very real, practical way (wisdom). We learnt hebrew, greek and english as it applies to the right interpretation of the Word of God. We learnt from graduates of Harvard university who majored in these languages and figures of speech (of which there are 246 used in the KJV bible) BUT most importantly of all we learnt the 'keys' as to HOW the bible INTERPRETS ITSELF ! It has been our joy and privilege ever since to make these keys available to those who want to know. We know it WORKS, we know the 5 keys to answered prayer WORKS, we know the 16 keys of walking by the spirit WORKS and we know that it will WORK FOR YOU !!